Monday, January 18, 2010

Pizza pot.

Last night, I stopped for a slice of pizza at one of our usual spots.  This is the place where you get a slice or two, but not a whole pie.  For some reason, the whole pie idea doesn't work there.  But let me explain the unwritten rules of this place.  You need to get a slice that has recently been baked and hasn't cooled down to the point of requiring a reheat.  That's when the slices are best.  So, it would make sense that if one got a whole pie from this place, it would be great, right?  But not true, because the first 2 slices from a whole fresh baked pie are terrific ("terrific", my new favorite word that doesn't seem to fit me but I like it and our friend Mandy uses it...not that Mandy has any control over the words I use; I'm just writing that as filler information) and after those first 2 slices, the rest of the pie is not so terrific (the thing with Mandy is that I don't know if Mandy uses terrific as I have been using it: to mean swell or great...or does she use it in the Charlie Brown sense to ironically express defeat or disappointment?)  

Anyway, at this point, Arturo's Pizza on W. Houston is our favorite in NYC.  Pizza baked in a coal oven makes a difference.  Don't ask me what the difference is.  Maybe it's just the idea of being baked in a coal oven but whatever it is, we like it.  

Me and a large onion pie at Regina Pizzeria.   

Our all time favorite is Regina Pizzeria in Boston's North End on Thatcher St. It has to be the Thatcher Street location because that's the one that has been there since 1926.  And those are old ovens, too.  Maybe we just like pizza made in old ovens.

 But back to my slice at the pizza shop.  It's a typical store front shop with the counter at the front and about 6 tables in the back.  The place was full and while I was eating, I got a strong whiff of skunk.  Then I realized that it was grass.  So, I looked to my left to see a guy cleaning out his pipe with his bag of goods sitting right out in plain view on the table.  Just like he is sitting at home in his own kitchen.  He finished cleaning out his pipe and organized his weed and put it all back in his backpack.  Then his buddy showed up all glassy red-eyed.  They were so high.  At first I was thinking that maybe people are not as uptight about grass these days and this guy feels really comfortable about doing his thing right out in the open.  But then when I saw the 2 of them together, I realized that he was so wasted that he didn't even know what he was doing.  

The whole event made me remember a time when I was a kid and we were staying on Long Beach Island for the summer.  There was a family on the beach and every so often the father would cover his head with a towel and do something.  As if he were blocking the wind to light a cigarette.  But there was no cigarette.  The adults who were with us at that time were all convinced that he was snorting something under there.  They had all come to that conclusion and were feeling pity for the children of that family.  "How could he do that right in front of his kids?"  Not me...I just wanted to go back into the ocean and perfect my body surfing.  And last night, I just wanted to eat my pizza before it got cold.


  1. Terrific huh? That reminds me of a record that I used to own by File 13 called Taste So Good.The song is basically about a woman getting an orgasm until she says at the end "Was it good enough for you sir?" and the answer was yes "terrific" Both you and Richie are making me remember things that I have hidden in my subconscious for years.I love pepperoni pizza.I don't know of any pizza place that uses old ovens.Everything is mostly on the go these days.I never ate that much pizza as a kid.I loved my Honey's tamales.Now Honey is the nickname I gave my grandmother as a little kid.It stuck because all the grandkids after me started calling her Honey.My Grandpa(I did call him that)was at fault since he referred to her as Honey or Sophia Loren LOL.Well she was an excellent cook.Honey made kidneys and liver tasty.I won't eat those now because she made them enjoyable for me.God I miss her.I believe because of her passing my life changed for the better.Seeing Sophia Loren in Nine makes me think of her.I need a hug now.

  2. Thank you for sharing that Frankie. It's a nice addition to the entry. Maybe we should collaborate on the blog!

  3. Come to Italy, boys. We'll show you what pizza is all about.

  4. I'm finally catching up on your blog -- I'm honored for the shout out!

    And to clarify: I use "terrific" without a trace of sarcasm. That is what "great" is for, as in, "A wheel just fell off my full cart of groceries -- that's just great."


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